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Allison Public Library Notes 8/22

Summer is over. Back to school!



EVVIE DRAKE STARTS OVER” by Linda Holmes . . . Young widow Evvie Drake and major league pitcher Dean Tenney, who has lost his game and needs a chance to reset his life, form an unlikely relationship when Dean moves into an apartment at the back of Evvie's house.

ONE SMALL SACRIFICE” by Hilary Davidson . . . Convinced that a wartime journalist with PTSD got away with a friend's murder, NYPD detective Sheryn Sterling navigates inconsistent witness reports when the suspect's fiancée, a beloved doctor, goes missing. 

MY LIFE AS A RAT” by Joyce Carol Oates . . . Exiled from her family and church since the age of 12 for testifying honestly about a racist murder, a young woman reflects on the wrenching choice she was forced to make between her family and the truth.

BIG SKY” by Kate Atkinson . . . Investigating a new client's suspicions about an unfaithful spouse, iconoclastic detective Jackson Brodie is catapulted by a chance encounter into a sinister network of secrets and lies.

RESISTANCE WOMEN” by Jennifer Chiaverini . . . Resisting the power grabs of an increasingly formidable Nazi Party in 1930s Berlin, the courageous American wife of a German intellectual and her circle of women friends engage in a clandestine battle to sabotage Hitler's regime. 

BUZZARD BAIT” by Brett Cogburn . . . When you tangle with the likes of Judge Roy Bean and the notorious Mexican outlaw Juan Cortina, a man's bound to earn a reputation. Or get stuck with a moniker like "Widowmaker." Even so, Newt is ready to put his gunslinging days behind him, hang up his Winchester, and take it easy. There's just one problem: Ain't nothing easy about living in Apache country. When Newt gets word that a renegade tribe has kidnapped Matilda Redding's grandson, he can't just sit by.

BREACH OF TRUST” by Rachel Dylan . . . When corporate litigator Mia Shaw finds her colleague brutally murdered, she vows to make the killer pay. The accused is a friend of Noah Ramirez, who knows something doesn't add up. As Mia takes on a case of corporate espionage, Noah becomes her only ally. But can he convince her that the killer is still on the loose--and protect her from growing threats?

THE LEMON SISTERS” by Jill Shalvis . . . Free-spirited Brooke and her high-achieving sister, Mindy, reconnect in the face of devastating personal setbacks before deciding to trade places to confront long-kept secrets.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE” by Catherine Nichols . . . Learning a new language is easier than you think! This informative book teaches you the basics of American Sign Language. Includes book, DVD, and flash cards.



ON THE COME UP” by Angie Thomas . . . Follows an ambitious young rapper pouring her frustrations into a first song only to find herself at the center of a viral controversy that forces her to become the menace that her public reputation has portrayed her to be.

JUST LIKE MY BROTHER” by Gianna Marino . . . A moving tribute to big brothers finds Little Giraffe asking for help from the animals she encounters in the African countryside to track down her brother throughout a game of hide-and-seek where he is always out of sight but watching protectively nearby.

HIGH FIVE” by Adam Rubin . . . Animals present hand slapping skills to readers, just in time for the annual high five contest.

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