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Allison Public Library Notes 8/16

School is starting! Time to get back in the habit of reading.



SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD” by Ashley Dyer . . . While a police officer fights for his life in the hospital, his trusted partner takes over an investigation into the serial killer behind the attack, a case that is compromised by the partner's deadly secret.

GIVE ME YOUR HAND” by Megan Abbott . . . A decade after distancing herself from a high school friend, Kit Owens finds herself competing for a coveted research position against her former friend, a competition that threatens to destroy them both.

THE POSSIBLE WORLD” by Liese O'Halloran Schwarz . . . An overworked ER doctor's efforts to help the traumatized, six-year-old sole survivor of an act of profound violence are shaped by an elderly woman's decision to share a long-buried secret.

UNBRIDLED” by Diana Palmer . . . Widowed Texas Ranger and single dad John Ruiz hardened his heart years ago. Day after day, he tracks the roughest criminals in the Lone Star State, leaving little room for love. So when John butts heads with the beautiful nurse who’s helping his young son, he’s floored by how quickly the sparks fly.

CLOCK DANCE” by Anne Tyler . . . After receiving a call from a stranger about her son's ex-girlfriend being injured, Willa flies across the country to Baltimore to take care of her and her nine-year-old daughter.

“THE GARDEN PARTY” by Grace Dane Mazur . . . Two wary Massachusetts families--one, no-nonsense attorneys; the other, impractical intellectuals--meet before the wedding that is supposed to unite them and share a single day of complicated fiascoes, miracles, and unexpected eccentricities.

A BORROWED DREAM” by Amanda Cabot . . . Feeling that her dreams of happily ever after have been stolen, Cimarron Creek's schoolteacher resigns herself to a life without love . . . until a rancher with a secret past comes to town.

UNTIL THERE WAS US” by Samantha Chase . . . Accepting a job at her cousin’s company, Megan Montgomery does her best to avoid Alex Rebat, a man with whom she once had a hot hook-up, but Alex has other ideas as he makes it his personal goal to shake up her carefully crafted world.

A WEDDING ON BLUEBIRD WAY” by Lori Wilde . . . Set in the quaint Bluebird Inn, which is hosting the wedding of the year, the bride, changing her mind, takes off on an unexpected adventure, setting in motion a chain of events that brings love into the lives of several unsuspecting wedding guests. 



THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END” by Adam Silvera . . . Receiving word from Death-Cast that they are about to die, Mateo and Rufus meet for the first time via an End Day friendship app that facilitates their meeting and a final grand adventure that triggers unexpected changes. 

SLEEP TRAIN” by Jonathan London . . . A little boy climbs into bed with a book and starts counting the train cars in it, between the engine and caboose. But as the boy counts cars and gets sleepier and sleepier, his room looks more and more like one of the train cars from his book--the sleeping car, of course!  In memory of Marilee Reiher.

I AM NOT A CHAIR” by Ross Burach . . . A giraffe who is repeatedly mistaken for a chair by animals who keep trying to sit on him struggles to find his voice and make the world realize who he really is.



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