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Allison Public Library Notes 3/07

Did you know that best-selling romance author, Dorothy Garlock, is from Iowa?



THE CHEF” by James Patterson . . . Accused of committing murder in the line of duty, detective Caleb Rooney of the New Orleans PD uses the contacts from his moonlighting job as a celebrity food-truck chef to counter a terrorist plot.

THE LOST GIRLS OF PARIS” by Pam Jenoff . . . After finding an abandoned suitcase filled with photographs, Grace Healey soon learns the case belonged to the leader of a network of female secret agents deployed during World War II.

WINTER LOON” by Susan Bernhard . . . When the spring thaw of a frozen Minnesota lake brings about shocking revelations that lead to violence, 15-year-old Wes Ballot embarks on a search for his missing father, the truth about his mother’s death and a future he must claim for himself.

THE AGE OF LIGHT” by Whitney Scharer . . . A novel inspired by the life of the Vogue model-turned-renowned photographer finds Lee Miller relocating to 1929 Paris, where she becomes the muse and colleague of the mercurial surrealist, Man Ray.

CALLED TO PROTECT” by Lynette Eason . . . Single police officer Chloe St. John and her K-9 German shepherd partner work with Deputy US Marshall Blake MacCallum to stop a human trafficking ring and save Blake's kidnapped daughter.

THREE LITTLE WORDS” by Jenny Holiday . . .A fter getting stranded with her best friend's wedding dress, Gia Gallo shares a car with best man Bennet Buchanan for a long road trip to the wedding in Florida, during which they have difficulty resisting their mutual passion.

THE FORGOTTEN HOURS” by Katrin Schumann . . . Forced to confront her past when her father, who was accused of sexually molesting her best friend almost a decade earlier, is released from prison, 24-year-old Katie Gregory questions everything she believes about family, friends and herself when the truth is finally revealed.

STRAWBERRY HILL” by Catherine Anderson . . . When he is forced to hire Vickie Brown, whom he almost married years earlier, as a camp cook, Slade Brown finds himself drawn to her once more, and they have another chance at love if they can put their past behind them.

QUICK COOKING” by Taste of Home . . . Beat the clock every night with over 600 recipes and tips for today's busy families.



FIVE FEET APART” by Rachael Lippincott . . . Seventeen-year-olds Stella and Will, both suffering from cystic fibrosis, realize the only way to stay alive is to stay apart, but their love for each other is slowly pushing the boundaries of physical and emotional safety.

PETRA” by Marianna Coppo . . . A plucky little rock who believes that she is a mighty mountain has her perspective changed by a series of movements, from a dog that fetches her for its owner, to a bird that treats her like an egg in its nest, to a pond where she becomes an amazing island and finally to the side of a little girl, who adopts her as a pet rock. 

SLEEP SHEEP” by Kerry lyn Sparrow . . . Liking everything about bedtime except falling asleep, little Duncan follows his mother's advice to count sheep and enjoys the activity before imagining a procrastinating sheep who wants a drink of water, a bathroom break and other delaying tactics before taking a turn jumping over Duncan's bed. 

THE WALL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK” by Jon Agee . . . A knight who feels secure on his side of the wall that divides his book discovers that his side is not as safe as he thought, and the other side is not as threatening.

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