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Allison Public Library Notes 12/20

Curl up next to the Christmas tree with a good book.



THE RECKONING” by John Grisham . . . One cool October morning Pete Banning rose early, drove into town, walked into the church, and calmly shot and killed his pastor and friend, the Reverend Dexter Bell. As if the murder weren’t shocking enough, it was even more baffling that Pete's only statement about it—to the sheriff, to his lawyers, to the judge, to the jury, and to his family—was: "I have nothing to say."

THE RAIN WATCHER” by Tatiana de Rosnay . . . As the Malegarde family gathers in Paris for their patriarch's seventieth birthday, a natural disaster causes the Seine to flood the city, revealing to young Linden Malegarde hidden fears and secrets that test the limits of family bonds.

THE NOEL STRANGER” by Richard Paul Evans . . . Still reeling from a scandal that ended her marriage, Maggie Walther finds renewal in a relationship with the kind man who owns the local Christmas tree lot and is also starting his life over, but just as she begins to trust him, she discovers a dark secret from his past. In memory of Norman Gulick.

THE FIRST LOVE” by Beverly Lewis . . . In the summer of 1951, Amishwoman Maggie Esh is struggling with a debilitating illness and few future prospects. When tent revival meetings come to the area, Maggie attends out of curiosity. She's been told to accept her lot in life as God's will, but the words of the evangelist begin to stir something deep inside her. Dare she hope for a brighter future? In honor of Linda Thoreson for service as a library trustee.

NINE PERFECT STRANGERS” by Liane Moriarty . . . Gathering at a remote health resort for a 10-day fitness program, nine strangers and their enigmatic host become subjects of interest to a brokenhearted novelist who develops uncomfortable doubts about the resort's real agenda.

THE CORNER OF HOLLY AND IVY” by Debbie Mason . . . Arianna Bell finds herself falling in love all over again when her high school sweetheart, high-powered attorney Connor Gallagher, returns, until she discovers that he will be her opponent in the upcoming mayoral election.

THE WEAVER'S DAUGHTER” by Sarah E. Ladd . . . Kate Hathaway, loyal daughter of a successful weaver, begins to wonder if her loyalty is well placed when her father pulls out all the stops to keep new weaving technology out of the village, while Nicholas Stockton works to save an inherited textile mill.

COWBOY CHRISTMAS JUBILEE” by Dylann Crush . . . Forced to stay in Holiday, Texas after her motorcycle breaks down, Jinx Jacob needs a Christmas miracle when her ex, bent on revenge, shows up, endangering her newfound relationship with the local sheriff. 

“HEARTLAND” by Sarah Smarsh . . . A journalist born into a Kansas farming family relates her experience growing up among the working poor, discussing the impact of intergenerational poverty on individuals, families, and communities.



GRANTED” by John David Anderson . . . A fairy-in-training who is among the select few who grant the wishes of unsuspecting people struggles to protect the fairy world in the face of waning magic levels, an effort that exposes her to the dangers of the human world. 

BEAR CAN'T SLEEP” by Karma Wilson . . . Though it is winter in the forest, Bear can't sleep and his many animal friends are filled with suggestions to help him get to bed, from hot tea to lullabies. In loving memory of Marilee Reiher, forever a teacher.

THE SNOWY NAP” by Jan Brett . . . Wanting to skip hibernating so that he can join his farm friends in fun-filled wintertime activities, Hedgie is caught in a snowstorm and rescued by a little girl who brings him indoors so that he can experience the winter from a cozy window. In memory of Marilee Reiher.

BUT NOT THE ARMADILLO” by Sandra Boynton . . . The armadillo quietly travels the less-traveled road: he picks cranberries, stops and smells the flowers, takes a nap in the meadow, and searches out the source of a beautiful melody.



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