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Allison Public Library Notes 11/28

We are thankful for our kind, helpful staff who serve the public.



LAND OF WOLVES” by Craig Johnson . . . Investigating the suspicious suicide of a Wyoming shepherd, sheriff Walt Longmire uncovers disturbing connections to a violent family before the case is further complicated by the appearance of a giant wolf. Given in memory of Carl DeBoer.

THE NIGHT FIRE” by Michael Connelly . . . Receiving a notebook with details about a 20-year cold case, homicide detective Harry Bosch teams up with LAPD detective Renée Ballard before uncovering disturbing clues about his late mentor.

OLIVE, AGAIN” by Elizabeth Strout . . . A sequel to Olive Kitteridge finds Olive struggling to understand herself while bonding with a teen suffering from loss, a woman who gives birth unexpectedly, a nurse harboring a longtime crush and a lawyer who resists an unwanted inheritance.

RIGHT AFTER THE WEATHER” by Carol Anshaw . . . Cate has a firm plan to get solvent and settled in a serious relationship. Her best friend Neale, a yoga instructor, lives nearby with her son and is Cate’s model for what serious adulthood looks like. Only a few blocks away, but in a parallel universe we find Nathan and Irene—casual sociopaths, drug addicts, and small-time criminals. Their world and Cate’s intersect the day she comes into Neale’s kitchen to find these strangers assaulting her friend. Forced to take fast, spontaneous action, Cate does something she’s never even considered.

A MRS. MIRACLE CHRISTMAS” by Debbie Macomber . . . Struggling with her grandmother’s failing health and her inability to have a child, a woman receives unexpected help from a kindhearted stranger at the same time her dreams begin coming true. 

THE FIRST LADY AND THE REBEL” by Susan Higginbotham . . . Sisters Mary Todd Lincoln and Emily Todd Helm find themselves on opposite sides of history when the American Civil War divides the country and forces them to fight those they most love to defend their beliefs.  In memory of Carl DeBoer.

OVERCOMER” by Chris Fabry . . . When John Harrison reluctantly agrees to coach cross-country for the local high school, he ends up helping an unlikely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year. Given in fond memory of Carl DeBoer.

THE ICE HOUSE” by Laura Lee Smith . . . Johnny MacKinnon might be on the verge of losing it all. The ice factory he married into, which he’s run for decades, is facing devastating OSHA fines following a mysterious accident and may have to close. He hasn’t spoken to his son Corran back in Scotland since Corran’s heroin addiction finally drove Johnny to the breaking point. And now, after a collapse on the factory floor, it appears Johnny may have a brain tumor. 

IT'S A CHRISTMAS THING” by Janet Dailey . . . Veterinarian J.T. Rushford gets a Christmas miracle in the form of a beautiful lady judge with a pregnant cat and an aging mutt who takes a liking to him and his little girl and decides to make this the best holiday ever.



AGAIN, BUT BETTER” by Christine Riccio . . . Feeling unfulfilled by a first college year spent entirely studying, a pre-med student signs up for a semester abroad in London, where her pursuits of friendship, romance and adventure are complicated by fish-out-of-water realities.

A SAVIOR IS BORN” by Pattti Rokus . . .  A creative, nature-themed retelling of the Nativity story features rock-collage recreations of major biblical characters and settings. In memory of Carl DeBoer.

DASHER” by Matt Tavares . . . Longing for a life in the snowy north, Dasher, an adventurous young circus reindeer, takes advantage of an opportunity to pursue her dream, before an encounter with a kind man in a red suit grants her a powerful Christmas wish. Given in fond memory of Marilee Reiher, forever a teacher.


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