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Allison Public Library Notes 11/07

We are thankful for the joy and knowledge that reading gives us.



BLOODY GENIUS” by John Sandford . . . When a culture war between rival departments at a local state university culminates in the death of a renowned scholar, Virgil Flowers struggles to identify a killer among a group of wildly passionate, diametrically opposed zealots.

THE INSTITUTE” by Stephen King . . . Abducted youth Luke Ellis is imprisoned in an inescapable institute, where children with the abilities of telekinesis and telepathy are subjected to torturous manipulation.

THE DARK SIDE” by Danielle Steel . . . Haunted by the childhood death of her sister, Zoe devotes herself to a nonprofit career helping disadvantaged kids before scars from the past challenge her as a mother.

ELEVATOR PITCH” by Linwood Barclay . . . When an outbreak of fatal elevator crashes in Manhattan coincides with a sinister drop in emergency response services, two seasoned New York detectives and a straight-shooting journalist race against time to find answers.

A COLDWATER WARM HEARTS WEDDING” by Lexi Eddings . . . Ordered to leave town by his father a decade ago, Michael returns to Coldwater Cove when he learns his mother is fighting breast cancer and his sister is getting married and hopes to rekindle a relationship with Heather, the one who got away. In honor of Joy Schueler.

NEVER LET GO” by Elizabeth Goddard . . . When a forensic genealogist stumbles into the middle of a decades old abduction case, she will need the help of her ex-flame to discover the truth, stay alive, and save her heart in the process.

CUT AND RUN” by Fern Michaels . . . It’s been three months since Countess Annie de Silva left her home, leaving a cryptic note and no clue as to her destination, and now The Sisterhood is desperate to ensure that its founding member is alive and well.

HIGHLAND CAPTIVE” by Alyson McLayne . . . When he finds his son, who was kidnapped at a Highland gathering two years earlier, in the care of Deirdre Macintyre, who claims the boy as her own, Gavin MacKinnon goes up against the fiercely protective woman who tempts him like no other.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2020” by Guinness World Records . . . The fully updated edition for a new decade with thousands of the latest records. Celebrating the most astonishing, mind-blowing and inspiring achievements.



PENGUIN FLIES HOME” by Lita Judge . . . Even though his penguin friends would rather swim, Penguin dreams of flying.

UNDERWEAR!” by Jenn Harney . . . After his bath Little Bear needs to put on his underwear, but he is doing everything with it except that.

COLORS WITH LITTLE FISH” by Lucy Cousins . . . Red fish, purple shells, green seaweed — there are so many colors to find with Little Fish in this deep-sea delight.



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