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Allison Public Library Notes 1/10

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TARGET ALEX CROSS” by James Patterson . . . When the U.S. president is assassinated by an unknown sniper, Alex Cross takes a personal role with the FBI to lead an unprecedented investigation that is complicated by Constitutional crises.

YOU DON'T OWN ME” by Mary Higgins Clark . . . Asked by the parents of a celebrity doctor to feature their son's case on "Under Suspicion," television producer Laurie Moran dives into the case, placing herself in the path of a mysterious stalker.

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG” by Karen Kingsbury . . . When Noah Carter wakes up the morning he has planned to start a new life and leave his family behind, he discovers things are not what they seem and desperately tries to fix his mistakes.

PAST TENSE” by Lee Child . . . Taking a detour on his hitchhiking tour to his father's childhood hometown, Jack uncovers disturbing family revelations, while at the same time becoming entangled in the problems of two stranded Canadians involved in a dangerous high-ticket sale.

THE LIFE OF A COWBOY” by Stu Campbell . . . The morning was cold and wet. The horse was shivering as I put the nosebag on him. I hoped the grain would warm him up. I hobbled him and went to the barn to get the curry comb and brush. I needed to get the snow off him before I saddled him. It was late February and my job was to watch after a bunch of cows as they calved.

KINDRED SPIRITS” by Sarah Strohmeyer . . . After one fateful PTA meeting, four young mothers—Lynne, Mary Kay, Beth, and Carol—discovered they had more in common than they ever thought possible. Meeting once a month, the women would share laughs and secrets, toasting to their blossoming friendship with the clink of their sacred martini glasses. Two years later, when Lynne passes away suddenly, she leaves behind one simple request: that her old friends sort through her belongings. 

BENEATH A PRAIRIE MOON” by Kim Vogel Sawyer . . . Cast out of society for her father's crimes, Abigail Brantley takes work tutoring Kansas ranchers to prepare them for their more refined mail-order brides, where she faces skeptical Mack Cleveland, who has reason to distrust the scheme.

DAGGER'S EDGE” by Lora Leigh . . . Alleged crime lord Ivan Resnova must save the one woman he has never been able to forget—Crimsyn Delaney, a Texas politician’s daughter—when an attempt is made on her life because of him. 

WHAT TO EAT DURING CANCER TREATMENT” by Jeanne Besser . . . Offers evidence-based research and clinical information about the seven most common eating-related side effects of cancer treatment--nausea, diarrhea, constipation, trouble swallowing, sore mouth, unintentional weight loss, and taste alterations--and the foods to eat when these side effects occur. 



LOUISIANA'S WAY HOME” by Kate DiCamillo . . . Awakened in the middle of the night by her fanatically paranoid grandmother, who declares they must leave and never return because the day of reckoning has arrived, a young girl bonds with people in a new community and wonders how long she will be allowed to remain. In memory of Marilee Reiher.

THELMA THE UNICORN” by Aaron Blabey . . . Thelma is an ordinary pony who wishes with all her heart to be a unicorn.

NECK & NECK” by Elise Parsley . . . When a shiny, grinning rival comes bobbing along near Leopold the Giraffe's enclosure at the zoo, Leopold must prove to everyone that he is the star of the zoo. In memory of Marilee Reiher.






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