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Allison Public Library Notes 10/25

New books, magazines, and movies arrive each week for your enjoyment!



JUROR #3” by James Patterson . . . Struggling young attorney Ruby Bozarth defends a man she passionately believes to be innocent in a first murder trial that could make or break her career, only to discover that the case is affected by a juror's shocking secret.

LIES” by T.M. Logan . . . Believing his wife has been threatened, Joe Lynch enters into a confrontation with his neighbor, which spins out of control when the neighbor goes missing and Joe becomes the prime suspect.

IF YOU LEAVE ME” by Crystal Hanna Kim . . . Forced into the life of a refugee when the North Korean army invades her home, sixteen-year-old Haemi is forced to choose between love and security in ways that resonate throughout generations of her family.

HOME” by Ginny L. Yttrup . . . Novelist Melanie Vander retreats from her marriage by engaging in conversations with one of her fictional characters who is a psychologist, as her husband Craig is tempted by a beautiful client who offers to help him wiith his financial troubles.

BELLEWETHER” by Susanna Kearsley . . . As war is raging, young French Canadian lieutenant Jean-Philippe de Sabran is captured and billeted with a Long Island family, becoming an unwilling and unwelcome guest who soon has feelings for the daughter of the house, Lydia Wilde.

MAYBE FOR YOU” by Nicole McLaughlin . . . After completing her military service, Alexis Parker takes a job at her brother’s distillery where she has an affair with Jack Cooper, which leads to an untraditional marriage that could just be the happily ever after they have been looking for.

THE WINTER SOLDIER” by Daniel Mason . . . A young doctor and nurse fall in love while navigating the brutal realities of World War I at an underequipped and understaffed field hospital in the Carpathian Mountains.

A SONG UNHEARD” by Roseanna M. White . . . At the outset of WWI, high-end thief Willa Forsythe is hired to steal a cypher from famous violinist Lukas De Wilde. Given the value of his father's work as a cryptologist, Lukas fears for his family and doesn't know who to trust. He likes Willa--and the feeling is mutual--but if Willa doesn't betray him as ordered, her own family will pay the price.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE ONLINE” by Will Geddes . . . Educates parents and helps them better protect their children and set ground rules to keep them safe from internet dangers, including cyberbullying, extortion, phishing, grooming, cyberstalking, sexting and other online crimes.



FROM YOU TO ME” by K.A. Holt . . . Eighth grader Amelia finds a letter that her older sister Clara wrote to herself before she drowned, containing a list of the things Clara planned to do in her eighth grade year and Amelia, with the help of her best friend, resolves to complete the list.

SPEEDIEST” by Steve Jenkins . . . A non-fiction reader with focus on the fastest members of the animal kingdom. 

STUMPKIN” by Lucy Ruth Cummins . . . A stemless pumpkin that yearns to be a Halloween jack-o-lantern watches sadly as all of the other pumpkins in the shop are chosen. In memory of Marilee Reiher, forever a teacher.

I JUST ATE MY FRIEND” by Heidi McKinnon . . . Having eaten his only friend, a monster seeks a new companion but each creature he meets has a good reason not to serve as a replacement.



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