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Allison Public Library Notes 10/10

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THIRTEEN” by Steve Cavanagh . . . Defense lawyer and former conman Eddie Flynn defends his movie-star client in a high profile murder trial and discovers that the actual killer is sitting on the jury.

LOST YOU” by Haylen Beck . . . After a closing elevator door separates them, a single mother on vacation with her son discovers he has been abducted by another woman who claims she is his mother.

YOU'VE BEEN VOLUNTEERED” by Laurie Gelman . . . Jen Dixon agrees to school-parent her son's third-grade class only to find herself overwhelmed by her husband's late hours, her daughters' early adulthood, and the needs of her aging parents.

THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY” by Mary Doria Russell . . . Presents a story inspired by the life of Annie Clements, retelling in historically authentic detail how in 1913 she led a courageous strike against the world's largest copper-mining company.

WE WERE STRANGERS ONCE” by Betsy Carter . . . On the eve of World War II Egon Schneider--a gallant and successful Jewish doctor, son of two world-famous naturalists--escapes Germany to an uncertain future across the sea. Settling into the unfamiliar rhythms of upper Manhattan, he finds solace among a tight-knit group of fellow immigrants, tenacious men and women drawn together as much by their differences as by their memories of the world they left behind. In honor of Joy Schueler.

THE WOLF WANTS IN” by Laura McHugh . . . In rural Blackwater, Kansas, Sadie Keller confronts a dark secret about her brother's death while eighteen-year-old Henley Pettit becomes increasingly desperate to escape their opioid-ravaged community.

A BOUND HEART” by Laura Frantz . . . Their stations could not have been more different: a Scottish laird and a simple lass. When a tragedy forces both to colonial Virginia as indentured servants, can a love thwarted by tradition come to life in a new land?

MIND AND MATTER” by John Urschel . . . The former offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens reveals the passion for mathematics that inspired his double life as an athlete and scholar, sharing insights into how his bifurcated insights impacted pivotal events.

IT STARTED WITH A COWBOY” by Jennie Marts . . . The new assistant coach to Colt James’s hockey team, teacher Chloe Bishop keeps her feelings for the standoffish cowboy quiet until he risks his own life to save hers. 



FIELD NOTES ON LOVE” by Jennifer E. Smith . . . Embarking on what was supposed to be a romantic cross-country train journey with his girlfriend, a dumped boy sells his spare ticket to a girl devastated by a rejection from her college of choice, an arrangement that opens up new perspectives about their futures.

MAX ATTACKS” by Kathi Appelt . . . Fish and birds and lizards and socks…is there anything Max won’t attack? Watch your ankles and find out in this clever, rhyming picture book about a very naughty kitty cat.

PICK A PUMPKIN” by Patricia Toht . . . Celebrates the fun seasonal tradition of pumpkin picking in a rhythmic story that depicts a family searching for just the right pumpkin, enjoying cider and toffee apples and carving a jack-o’-lantern.


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