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Allison Public Library Notes 8/06

New and Noteworthy



Never Ask Me” by Jeff Abbott . . . After their neighbor from two houses away is found murdered on a park bench, the Pollitt family becomes embroiled in a whirlwind of distrust and intrigue as they each begin to suspect the unimaginable of each other.

Survivor Song” by Paul Tremblay . . . When Massachusetts is overrun by a rabies-like virus that is incurable an hour after infection, a soft-spoken pediatrician navigates apocalyptic obstacles to get a vaccine to her eight-months pregnant friend.

The Dearly Beloved” by Cara Wall . . . Charles and Lily, James and Nan. They meet in Greenwich Village in 1963 when Charles and James are jointly hired to steward the historic Third Presbyterian Church through turbulent times. Their personal differences however, threaten to tear them apart.

The Stories You Tell” by Kristen Lepionka . . . When her brother is implicated in the disappearance of a hip young DJ, Roxane Weary investigates the coincidental murder of a police officer amid questions about a local dance club and its conspicuously absent staff.

Paris Is Always A Good Idea” by Jenn McKinlay . . . Witnessing remarriages in her family in the years after her mother’s death, a talented medical-research fundraiser retraces her post-college European tour in the hopes of reconnecting with one of three romantic partners from the past. 

Stay With Me” by Becky Wade . . . Led to her hometown by a mysterious letter, Genevieve Woodward wakes in an unfamiliar cottage with the confused owner staring down at her. The last thing Sam Turner wants is to help a woman as troubled as she is talkative, but he can't turn her away when she needs him most. 

Spring Girls” by Karen Katchur . . . Another spring, another girl murdered, Detective Geena Brassard and her partner, Parker Reed, must convince the only known survivor of the so-called Spring Strangler for help in stopping the killer before another innocent life is lost. 

Half Finished” by Lauraine Snelling . . . A craft circle designed to get its members to complete their half-finished projects learns that life is a series of half-finished projects and maybe that is just fine.

“The Cowboy Meets His Match” by Jessica Clare . . . When he meets local salon owner Becca, single father Henry "Hank" Watson finds himself drawn to this sweet woman who makes him want to stay in this small Wyoming town forever.


The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes” by Suzanne Collins . . . In a prequel to "The Hunger Games," eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow prepares to mentor the female tribute from District 12 in the tenth Hunger Games, with the fate of his family hanging on the slim chance that he can help her win the Games.

How To Put An Octopus To Bed” by Sherri Duskey Rinker . . . It's time for bed and this little octopus is more than happy to volunteer! He's all ready to put his parents to bed! Bath time, putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and tucking everyone in is a whole new challenge when the kid is in charge (and especially when everyone has eight arms!). 

The Paper Kingdom” by Helena Ku Rhee . . . When the babysitter is unable to come, Daniel is woken out of bed and joins his parents as they head downtown for their jobs as nighttime office cleaners. But the story is about more than brooms, mops, and vacuums. Mama and Papa turn the deserted office building into a magnificent kingdom filled with paper. In memory of Marilee Reiher.


NEW DVDs for your viewing enjoyment: TROLLS WORLD TOUR, and GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8.

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