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Allison Public Library Notes 7/30

New and Noteworthy



Cajun Justice” by James Patterson . . . A disgraced former Secret Service agent from New Orleans takes a job in Tokyo as the head of security for an important CEO, but when he discovers a web of corruption and greed, he calls on his years of training to find justice.

A Walk Along The Beach” by Debbie Macomber . . . When the younger sister she has always protected recovers from a dangerous illness and announces her intention to summit Mount Rainier, an older sister manages personal concerns by taking a chance on a relationship with a charming freelance photographer.

The Shadows” by Alex North . . . Forced by his mother’s failing health to return to the hometown where a misfit friend committed a shocking murder 25 years earlier, Paul learns about an investigation into a local copycat before realizing he is being followed.  Which reminds him of the most unsettling thing about that awful day twenty-five years ago. Charlie Crabtree was never seen again.

An Amish Picnic” by Amy Clipston . . . Kevin Weaver has lived with his brother’s family since his parents passed away when he was young, but he craves a home and family to call his own. Freeman Kurtz owns a successful brick mason business, and Kevin takes the job as Freeman’s apprentice to pursue his own financial freedom. Phoebe Kurtz is helping her sister with her booth at the marketplace when she notices Kevin, her father’s employee. Their friendship grows, but Kevin is convinced that the difference in their ages makes a relationship between them impossible. 

Survival Instincts” by Jen Waite . . .  A man follows the three women on a hike at a nature reserve and drags them at gunpoint to an abandoned cabin in the woods. And just like that their peaceful weekend away turns into a fight for survival. It isn't clear what this man wants from these women or how he is connected to them if at all, but it is increasingly clear that they won't all get out of the cabin alive.

Collision Of Lies” by Tom Threadgill . . . San Antonio police detective Amara Alvarez discovers that a tragic accident involving a school bus full of kids may not be what it seems. One of the children may still be alive, and if he is, everything law enforcement believes about the accident is a lie.

Once You Go This Far” by Kristen Lepionka . . . Junior-high school nurse Rebecca Newsome was an experienced hiker—until she plummeted to her death at the bottom of a ravine in a Columbus metro park. Her daughter, Maggie, doesn't believe it was an accident, and Rebecca's ex-husband is her prime suspect. But he's a well-connected ex-cop and Maggie is certain that's the reason no one will listen to her. PI Roxane Weary must find a way to connect the pieces before a dangerous secret gets someone else killed. 

The Way Of Love” by Tracie Peterson . . . Faith Kenner is pursuing her dream to become a doctor and use her gift to help the native populations on reservations. When she meets Andrew Gratton, a handsome riverboat captain who has been injured, a friendship grows between them--but will the secret of her heritage and rising tensions with the native people prevent them from finding true happiness?

Always A Bridesmaid” by Cindi Madsen . . . Swearing off men, unconventional hippie artist Violet, who has been a bridesmaid more times than she can count, meets a hot firefighter who needs her help in his role as the bride's best man.



The Lonely Heart Of Maybelle Lane” by Kate O'Shaughnessy . . . Experiencing her world through the evocative sounds she collects, 11-year-old Maybelle becomes convinced that a new radio DJ is her absent father before entering a singing contest that the DJ will be judging in Nashville.

The Honeybee” by Kirsten Hall . . . Bzzz; What's that? Do you hear it? You're near it. It's closer, it's coming ,it's buzzing, it's humming; A BEE! A rhyming tribute to the honeybee celebrates their flight, industriousness, and critical role in the environment and food production. In loving memory of Marilee Reiher, forever a teacher.

Your Nose!” by Sandra Boynton . . .  A celebration of the love between a parent and child&;and of the beautiful, boop-able noses we love.

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