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Allison Public Library Notes 8/17

It's back to school time!



DANGEROUS MINDS” by Janet Evanovich . . . A follow-up to “Curious Minds” pits mismatched partners Riley Moon, a financial analyst; and Emerson Knight, an eccentric billionaire's son, against a big-league criminal whose activities pose a series of puzzle-like clues.

BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT” by Mary Alice Monroe . . . When Cara Rutledge rents out her beach house to artist Heather Fordham, a sudden tragedy brings Cara back to the beach house, but Heather refuses to move from her newfound sanctuary.

THE FALLEN” by Ace Atkins . . . Investigating a series of skillfully executed bank robberies, Mississippi sheriff and former Army Ranger Quinn Colson calls on old allies in order to outmaneuver a band of elite criminals, who he believes are ex-military personnel.

BLAME” by Jeff Abbott . . . Two years after a car crash killed her friend and left her with amnesia, Jane Norton receives an online message from someone claiming to know what really happened that night, but her search for the truth puts many lives in danger.

LOVE STORY” by Karen Kingsbury . . . Helping his grandson with a family history paper, John Baxter shares the love story that led to his marriage with his first wife, while Cody Coleman realizes he must try to convince Andi Ellison to marry him despite two broken engagements.

IF THE CREEK DON'T RISE” by Leah Weiss . . . One of innumerable women in a North Carolina mountain town facing a bleak future with a dangerous alcoholic husband, Sadie considers a different life when a stranger sweeps in and knocks the world off-kilter for the entire community.

FINAL GIRLS” by Riley Sager . . . Emerging as the lone survivor of a serial killer's massacre a decade earlier, Quincy Carpenter struggles to ignore traumatic memories and move on as one of a group of other survivors who look to her for answers when one of them is found dead in a suspicious suicide.

AFTERLIFE” by Marcus Sakey . . . Between life and death lies an epic war, a relentless manhunt through two worlds … and an unforgettable love story, in a book that is soon to be a major motion picture.

KISS MY BOOTS” by Harper Sloan . . . A stereotypical tomboy with a wild streak, Quinn Davis is convinced that men are not worth her time until she meets her match in her first love, Tate Montgomery, who has returned home to Pine Oak, Texas for a fresh start. 



RISE OF THE ISLE OF THE LOST” by Melissa De La Cruz . . . When King Triton's trident enters the Isle of the Lost, Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay devise a plan to find the magical object before Mal's wicked rival Uma can get her hands on it.

GOLDFISH GHOST” by Lemony Snicket . . . A goldfish who has just died leaves the bowl he once called home in search of company, but no one seems to notice a dead goldfish.

THE INVISIBLE BOY” by Trudy Ludwig . . . Feeling invisible in a class of students who exclude him from groups, games and birthday parties, little Brian welcomes a class newcomer with whom he works on a school project in ways that help him to stand out.

JABARI JUMPS” by Gaia Cornwall . . . After he passes his swimming test, little Jabari decides he's ready to try jumping off the diving board, but when the big moment arrives, Jabari needs to work up the courage to jump.