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Allison Public Library Notes 8/03

Been working in the garden? Rest with a good book!



DOWN A DARK ROAD” by Linda Castillo . . . When an Amish man convicted for murdering his wife eight years earlier escapes and abducts his five children, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder races to the scene, only to be ambushed by the man, who implores her to prove his innocence.

THE LATE SHOW” by Michael Connelly . . . Assigned to the night shift after filing a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor, detective Renâee Ballard disobeys orders by continuing to investigate an assault on a prostitute and the death of a woman in a nightclub shooting.

THE BREAKDOWN” by B.A. Paris . . . Unable to forget a murder she witnessed when she was where she was not supposed to be, Cass struggles with an increasingly compromised memory before she begins receiving silent, sinister phone calls.

THE ALMOST SISTERS” by Joshilyn Jackson . . . Leia discovers she is pregnant with a biracial child but before she can tell her conventional Southern family, her grandmother slips into dementia and Leia discovers that the elderly woman has been hiding a secret linked to the Civil War.

THE ONE-IN-A-MILLION BOY” by Monica Wood . . .  The incandescent story of a 104-year-old woman and the sweet, strange young boy assigned to help her around the house—a friendship that touches each member of the boy's unmoored family.

UNDAUNTED” by Diana Palmer . . . A marriage between a handsome millionaire with exacting beliefs and the woman who loves him completely in spite of their differences is challenged by his reclusive, wary nature and his discovery of her role in an accident that left him blind.

DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES” by Holly Seddon . . . A shut-in who meddles in her neighbors' lives and her twin, whose secrets have separated her from her husband and child, reevaluate complex family dynamics that have led to their respective circumstances before their lives are shattered by terrible revelations.

FROM THIS MOMENT” by Elizabeth Camden . . . Renowned artist Stella West has quit her career and moved to Boston to solve the mysterious death of her sister. But she soon realizes she is in need of a well-connected ally. Fortunately, magazine owner Romulus White has been trying to hire her for years. Sparks fly when Stella and Romulus join forces, but will their investigation cost them everything?

A SKY FULL OF STARS” by Samantha Chase . . . Chosen to lead a team of scientists to view an annual meteor shower, astrophysicist Owen Shaughnessy desperately wants out until his mentor suggests hiring Brooke Shelton, a perfect assistant who surprises him in ways the stars never could. 



RANGER IN TIME: ESCAPE FROM THE GREAT EARTHQUAKE” by Kate Messner . . . Ranger, a time-traveling golden retriever, finds himself in San Francisco helping Lily, a young Chinese immigrant who was sold as a servant by her parents, escape the 1906 earthquake, then find a new family that will care for her.

THIS IS SADIE” by Sara O'Leary . . . A young girl named Sadie spends her day playing, reading, making things, and using her vivid imagination.

THE SEVEN SILLY EATERS” by Mary Ann Hoberman . . . A family of picky eaters includes Peter, who wants nothing but milk; Lucy, who refuses everything but lemonade; and Jack, who will only eat applesauce, in a story that follows a harried Mrs. Peters's attempts to overcome her finicky family.

I AM (NOT) SCARED” by Anna Kang . . . Two bears are fearful about going on a roller coaster so they try to think of things that are much scarier than the ride.