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Allison Public Library Notes 7/27

Encourage your student to read each day!



TWO NIGHTS” by Kathy Reichs . . .  Sunday Night is a woman whose secret past has left her with scars and a killer instinct that proves helpful to a desperate family in the wake of a bomb explosion near a Jewish school and a girl's disappearance.

“THE NEARNESS OF YOU” by Dorothy Garlock . . . A sheltered librarian in a small town finds her secret wish for adventure granted in unexpected ways by a reckless but alluring photographer who changes her life by taking her picture at the height of a local fall festival.

THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER” by Karen Dionne . . . A woman whose birth occurred as a result of her teen mother's abduction and imprisonment in an isolated marshland cabin risks the adult family that does not know her past when she uses survival skills honed in childhood to track down her murderous father.

“THE NECKLACE” by Claire McMillan . . . Inheriting a stunning Indian necklace, Nell Quincy is targeted by her worldly relatives before turning for support to an ambitious estate lawyer who uncovers the necklace's story in a family love triangle as it unfolded in the early twentieth century.

THE REASON YOU'RE ALIVE” by Matthew Quick . . . Surviving a brain tumor linked to a wartime chemical exposure, David resolves to return a stolen object to a former Native American soldier from his past as part of an effort to find closure and recover from his wife's untimely death.

ALWAYS CLOSE TO HOME” by Jerry S. Eicher . . . Amish twins Laura and Lydia Mast face trials in their search for love. A tragic accident threatens Laura's future with her betrothed as Lydia falls for a man who might leave the church. Only God has the answers to the problems the Mast sisters face.

HERE AND GONE” by Haylen Beck . . . Wrongly arrested after fleeing from her abusive husband, a mother desperately fights corrupt authorities to recover her stolen children; while a man across the country hears the story on the news and identifies links to similar events in his own past.

QUIET UNTIL THE THAW” by Alexandra Fuller . . . Follows the experiences of two Native American cousins who become estranged by their different approaches to fighting cultural injustice and whose lives are disrupted by prison, parenthood, and violence.

“BLUE HEAVEN, BLACK NIGHT” by Heather Graham . . . Lovely Elise, illegitimate daughter of Henry II, King of England, and Sir Bryan Stede, the Black Knight, become trapped in a web of hatred, passion, and intrigue when they uncover an insidious plot against the English throne.


WHEN MY SISTER STARTED KISSING” by Helen Frost . . . A middle-grade novel in verse about two sisters and the summer that changes their lives recounts how while awaiting the arrival of a new baby half-sibling, Claire is expected to cover up for her older sister, who has started noticing boys.

WE FOUND A HAT” by Jon Klassen . . . Two turtles find a hat that looks good on both of them, but, with fairness in mind, they decide to leave it be, until night falls and one of the turtles changes its mind.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?” by Kobi Yamada . . . A young boy comes up with an idea and he keeps it safe until one day he realizes the amazing power it can have.


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