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Allison Public Library Notes 7/20

Remember to pack a good book for your vacation!



THE DUCHESS” by Danielle Steel . . . Thrown out of her ancestral home by her brutal half-brothers after the death of their father, Angâelique Latham makes her way to Paris, where she takes in abused streetwalkers and transforms them into upper-crust courtesans in an exclusive bordello.

THE FORCE” by Don Winslow . . . When federal agents discover the corrupt activities that have allowed detective sergeant Denny Malone, and his partners, to skim millions in drugs and cash, he risks betraying his colleagues, his city, and the woman he loves.

THE CHILD” by Fiona Barton . . . When an infant's skeleton is discovered in a demolished house, Kate Waters strives to uncover the baby's identity and unearths links to a decades-old kidnapping, but she is torn between helping the police and revealing her sources.

HOME FOR THE SUMMER” by Holly Chamberlin . . . Frieda Braithwaite and her 17-year-old daughter, Bella, escape to the beautiful coastal town of Yorktide, Maine, in hopes of finding healing in the wake of the heartbreaking loss of two family members to a car crash. 

EVERY LAST LIE” by Mary Kubica . . . When her husband dies in a car crash that her daughter survived unharmed, Clara Solberg comes to suspect that his death wasn't an accident and begins an obsessive hunt for the truth.

FOR THE RECORD” by Regina Jennings . . . Betsy Huckabee hopes to get out of her small town of Pine Gap and become a city journalist, so in order to get noticed she begins writing a serial for publication in a faraway newspaper with a hero based on the dashing local deputy, Joel Puckett.

LOCAL GIRL MISSING” by Claire Douglas . . . Still haunted by her best friend’s disappearance eighteen years prior, Frankie Howe returns to her hometown to determine what happened to Sophie on the crumbling, old Victorian pier where the town’s youth would hang out, now rumored to be haunted.

LEGENDS & LIES: THE CIVIL WAR” by Bill O'Reilly . . . This title shares lesser-known stories about the Civil War and its leading figures to debunk common myths and reveal the significance of forgotten factors.

WILD ECSTASY” by Cassie Edwards . . . Sparks fly when Mariah Temple, daughter of a notorious Indian-hater, falls in love with Echohawk, a handsome, daring Chippewa who has sworn to avenge the wrongs done to his tribe by white men such as Mariah's father.



ONE TRICK PONY” by Nathan Hale . . . In a future where alien beings consume technology as a few humans try to preserve it, Strata, her brother, and a friend are separated from their caravan and, with a wonderful robotic horse, must fight their way back.

PETERRIFIC” by Victoria Kann . . . Pinkalicious's block-loving brother aspires to build a tower that will reach to the moon, wondering if the moon is made of cheese and whether or not he will be able to catch a shooting star before discovering that once he climbs up, he will have no way to get back down.

AND THEN COMES SUMMER” by Tom Brenner . . . Describes the seasonal changes that accompany the arrival of summer and details some of the ways in which people enjoy this season, from eating ice cream and watching fireworks to swimming in the lake.

OLIVIA THE SPY” by Ian Falconer . . . Listening in on her mother's conversations hoping to discover the secret plan for her upcoming birthday, Olivia instead hears her mother talking about her poor behavior and becomes concerned she'll be sent to military school.