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Allison Public Library Notes 6/29

Are rain clouds rolling in? Enjoy a good read!



CAMINO ISLAND” by John Grisham . . . After being laid off from her teaching position, Mercer Mann is approached by a mysterious woman with a generous offer to go undercover and infiltrate bookstore owner Bruce Cable's life to learn his secrets and recover priceless F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts that were stolen during a daring heist. 

THE BOURNE INITIATIVE” by Eric Van Lustbader . . . After Russian general Boris Karpov dies and his cyberoperation to steal the U.S. president's nuclear launch codes proceeds from beyond the grave, Jason Bourne is marked a traitor by the U.S. government when it's revealed that Karpov trusted Bourne.

“THE SWALLOW'S NEST” by Emilie Richards . . . Devotedly raising the baby her husband's mistress abandoned, Lilia finds her precarious happiness upended by her disapproving mother-in-law and the child's mother's decision to reclaim her son.

YOU'LL NEVER KNOW, DEAR” by Hallie Ephron . . . When a one-of-a-kind porcelain doll that went missing the day her sister was abducted decades earlier resurfaces, Lissie uncovers sinister clues about a mysterious individual who would threaten the lives of the women in her family.

MAGPIE MURDERS” by Anthony Horowitz . . . When she realizes that the final chapter of mystery writer Alan Conway's latest manuscript is missing and Alan later turns up dead, editor Susan Ryeland follows clues buried in the text to investigate the author's suspicious death.

UNDERTOW” by Elizabeth Heathcote . . . Marrying a man in the shadow of the late mistress who ended his first marriage, Carmen stumbles on evidence that her husband may not have told her everything about his affair and begins to wonder in the face of disturbing realizations that she may not want to know the truth.

LOVE ME AGAIN” by Jaci Burton . . . When the man she left behind to marry someone else starts renovating the building next to her new bookstore, Loretta Simmons, with her young daughter in tow, must make amends with Deacon Fox, who refuses to let her break his heart twice.

COLD SHOT” by Dani Pettrey . . . When modern skeletal remains are discovered at Gettysburg, park ranger and former sniper Griffin McCray must confront his past if he, his friends, and charming forensic anthropologist Finley Scott are going to escape this web of murder alive.

IOWA FISHING MAPS GUIDE BOOK” by Sportsman's Connection . . . Newly updated for 2017, the Iowa Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts. Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information for lakes and streams across the state are provided in this handy, spiral-bound volume.



THE END OF OZ” by Danielle Paige . . . Whisked away by the magical Road of Yellow Brick, Amy embarks on a journey in search of help in the aftermath of a devastating betrayal and news that Dorothy may not have been defeated after all.

BULLDOZER HELPS OUT” by Candace Fleming . . . Eager to help on the construction site, Bulldozer finds kittens hidden under a pile of debris and learns that caring for the animals is more challenging than he could have imagined.

CATERPILLAR DREAMS” by Clive McFarland . . . Follows the adventures of Henri the Caterpillar, who leaves the safety of his garden to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

DRAGONS LOVE TACOS 2” by Adam Rubin . . . When dragons run out of tacos, they travel back in time to get a fresh supply.


NEW DVDs for your viewing enjoyment: MOONLIGHT, A DOG'S PURPOSE, and HIDDEN FIGURES.