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Allison Public Library Notes 6/08

Cozy up near the campfire with a great book!



SINCE WE FELL” by Dennis Lehane . . . Retreating from the world in the aftermath of a traumatizing reporting assignment, Rachel finds happiness with a raffish businessman before witnessing activities surrounding a conspiracy that tests the limits of her fragile psyche. 

PRICE OF DUTY” by Dale Brown . . . When Russia constructs its most dangerous weapon since the atomic bomb and launches carefully plotted attacks on unsuspecting U.S. and European targets, Brad McLanahan and his Scion team arm themselves with the world's most advanced technological weaponry to prevent a full-scale cyber war. 

SECRETS IN SUMMER” by Nancy Thayer . . . Darcy Cotterill, 30 and divorced, works at the Nantucket library during the day. She spends most nights in her backyard, gazing at the stars. She's on the brink of starting a relationship with a local carpenter, Nash, when she gets new neighbors for the summer. As Darcy is drawn into the lives of her neighbors, she must decide what she truly wants.

THE LEAVERS” by Lisa Ko . . . When his undocumented immigrant mother disappears, eleven-year-old Deming Guo is adopted by a family that attempts to make him over as an American teen while he struggles to reconcile his new life with memories of the family he left behind.

ALONG CAME TROUBLE” by Sherryl Woods . . . Trinity Harbor sheriff Tucker Spencer finds his world turned upside down when Mary Elizabeth Chandler, the woman who once broke his heart, asks for his help when her politician husband is murdered and she is accused of the crime.

A LOVE MADE NEW” by Kathleen Fuller . . . As Abigail Schrock suffers from a broken heart and watches what seems like everyone in her Amish community find love, including her two sisters, handsome Asa Bontrager is baffled by his attraction to Abigail, who seems intent on turning him away.

EXIT STRATEGY” by Steve Hamilton . . . Nick Mason is assigned by Darius Cole to infiltrate WITSEC and kill the three men who put him behind bars, and who could condemn him for life if they testify at his appeal, but Nick himself is pursued by an assassin who once betrayed Darius.

FOREVER A HERO” by Linda Lael Miller . . . Successful vintner and third Carson brother Mace is unsuspectingly reunited with a woman who he rescued from an attacker back in his college days, who is representing a company that would buy his winery and who has never forgotten the hero who once stole her heart.

WHISTLE IN A HAYSTACK” by Rick Hartzell . . . This book is a sports book and a book about business and leadership and the lessons learned in a life in intercollegiate athletics administration and in refereeing nearly 4,000 Division I men's college basketball games.  It is filled with the lessons learned, steps to improve your own life and great stories that match the leadership lessons that are told. Given in memory of Richard Tharp.



THE GIRL WHO DRANK THE MOON” by Kelly Barnhill . . . Luna, whose magical abilities are emerging, was raised in the forest by a witch, a swamp monster, and a dragon, but when a young man from the Protectorate is determined to kill the witch, Luna must use her magic to protect her family.

PETE THE CAT AND THE TIP-TOP TREE HOUSE” by James Dean . . . Pete builds an awesome tree house and invites his friends over to play. But when Callie, Marty, Emma, and Toad all climb up, there isn’t room for everyone. So they decide to fix the problem—by building a giant tree house big enough for the coolest party ever!

HOORAY FOR BIRDS” by Lucy Cousins . . . A variety of avian friends describe a day in the life of a bird.

BENTLY & EGG” by William Joyce . . . Bently Hopperton's only friend, Kack Kack the duck, abandons him to mother her egg, and Bently gets a little jealous until mother duck asks him to egg-sit while she takes care of some other family business.