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Allison Public Library Notes 6/01

Time for sweet tea and a summer read.



NO MIDDLE NAME” by Lee Child . . . Collects eleven stories and one novella featuring Jack Reacher, including "Too Much Time," in which Reacher witnesses a bag-snatching while in a small town in Maine, but there is more to the simple crime and it could prove fatal.

TWO LOST BOYS” by L.F. Robertson . . . Janet Moodie has spent years as a death row appeals attorney. Her client is Marion ‘Andy’ Hardy, convicted along with his brother Emory of the rape and murder of two women. She discovers a sordid and damaged upbringing, a series of errors on the part of his previous counsel, and most worrying of all, the possibility that there is far more to the murders than was first thought.

SAINTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS” by J. Courtney Sullivan . . . A sweeping novel about two sisters--one the matriarch of a boisterous Irish Catholic family, the other a cloistered nun, hidden from the world--and the secret that drove them apart.

SAME BEACH, NEXT YEAR” by Dorothea Benton Frank . . . One enchanted summer, two couples begin a friendship that will last more than twenty years and transform their lives; a friendship that will withstand financial catastrophe, family tragedy, and devastating heartbreak. The devotion and love they share will help them weather the vagaries of time and enrich their lives as circumstances change, their children grow up and leave home, and their twilight years approach.

SYCAMORE” by Bryn Chancellor . . . When human remains are linked to the unsolved disappearance of a teenage girl eighteen years earlier, the residents of the victim's hometown rekindle stories, rumors, and recollections while examining the complicated history that led to the tragedy.

LONG TIME GONE” by Mary Connealy . . . The Boden clan thought their troubles were over with the death of a dangerous enemy. But with new evidence on Cole's shooting, Justin can't deny that the plot to take their ranch was bigger than one man. While the doctor and his distractingly pretty assistant help Cole, Justin has to uncover the trail of a decades-old secret as danger closes in.

FALLOUT” by Sara Paretsky . . . Savvy investigator Vic leaves her comfort zone in Chicago to investigate the disappearances of a young film student and a faded Hollywood star in Kansas, where a university town, the remnants of the Cold War and long-simmering racial tensions are stirred into violence by mysteries and murders.

FORGING A PRESIDENT: HOW THE WILD WEST CREATED TEDDY ROOSEVELT” by William Hazelgrove . . . Evaluates the years spent as a cattle rancher and deputy sheriff in Dakota Territory that influenced Theodore Roosevelt's character as president, sharing insights into how his achievements were shaped by the nature and culture he experienced firsthand.

ASK ANYONE” by Sherryl Woods . . . Determined to win the contract to develop Trinity Harbor's waterfront, single mother and urban planner Jenna Pennington Kennedy must go up against devastatingly sexy and annoyingly stubborn property owner Bobby Spencer, unexpectedly finding love in the process.



TROUBLE THE WATER” by Frances O'Roark Dowell . . . A black girl and a white boy must overcome the prejudices of their segregated Kentucky community to share a friendship and identify a stray dog whose young owner wants to help a ghost who cannot cross over.

ONE IS NOT A PAIR” by Britta Teckentrup . . . Each patterned page contains a set of pairs . . . but one thing does not match any of the others. Can you find it?

AMONG A THOUSAND FIREFLIES” by Helen Frost . . . A firefly seeks her one true mate among thousands of flickering firefly lights that sparkle in the night.