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Allison Public Library Notes 5/25

Our magazines are full of spring cleaning tips!



AGAINST ALL ODDS” by Danielle Steel . . . A Soho widow struggles with her grown children's plans to gamble their futures in their determination to pursue their hearts, from her attorney daughter's illicit romance with a client to her struggling-writer son's decision to have children before he can afford to support them.

INTO THE WATER” by Paula Hawkins . . . When a single mom and a teen girl are found murdered at the bottom of a river in a small town weeks apart, an ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated local history involving human instincts and the damage they can inflict.

OMINOUS” by Lisa Jackson . . . After a shattering tragedy in their youth, Shiloh, Kat, and Ruth vow to keep the event secret--until a missing teenager in their adult life brings them back together.

BEFORE WE SLEEP” by Jeffrey Lent . . . A 1960s teen, Katey Snow, embarks on a search for her biological father after discovering his identity in a cache of letters, while her mother reflects on how their family was profoundly changed by World War II.

I FOUND YOU” by Lisa Jewel . . . A lonely single mom who offers shelter to an amnesiac man and a young bride who is told that her missing husband never existed struggle to make sense of their transforming worlds and connection to a sister and brother whose lives were shattered by secrets more than two decades earlier.

A NOTE YET UNSUNG” by Tamera Alexander . . . When young conductor Nathaniel Whitcomb bends to public opinion and denies master violinist Rebekah Carrington entry into the Nashville Philharmonic because she is a woman, he must work to win back her trust to help him finish his symphony.

STARS OVER CLEAR LAKE” by Loretta Ellsworth . . . Returning for the first time in decades to the Surf Ballroom where World War II soldiers and their loved ones shared final hours of romance before deployment, Lorraine reflects on a fateful encounter in her past that forced her to choose between her heart and duty.

THE AMISH WANDERER” by Laura V. Hilton . . . When Bethany Weiss spies a man asleep in the hayloft, she fears the return of an unwelcome suitor but instead discovers childhood friend Silas Beiler; will their old love overcome new pain--or will hurt and rejection continue to haunt their path.

MY ONE TRUE HIGHLANDER” by Suzanne Enoch . . . When his reckless younger brothers kidnap a woman on her way to see the horrible Englishman Lattimer, highland warrior Graeme must find a way to make things right without getting his kin in trouble and wonders how he can ever let a woman this beautiful go.



TAKE THE KEY AND LOCK HER UP” by Ally Carter . . . Having believed that learning the truth about her mother's murder would offer her closure, Grace discovers that this knowledge has made her a target and that she must destroy the past in order to secure her future.

THE BERENSTAIN BEARS: SISTER BEAR AND THE GOLDEN RULE” by Stan & Jan Berenstain . . . For her birthday, Sister Bear receives a locket that contains the Golden Rule and gets the chance to apply this philosophy when a new girl arrives at school.

ONE LONELY FISH” by Andy Mansfield . . . One lonely fish swims through the ocean. But he won't be alone for long . . . Count from one to ten, as each fish chomps up the next. Just be careful--this book might bite!

IT IS NOT TIME FOR SLEEPING” by Lisa Graff . . . Bedtime is near, but from the end of dinner until lights are turned off, it is not really time for sleeping until a child receives a special good night wish.