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Allison Public Library Notes 5/24

Copies, faxes, and so much more at the Allison Public Library.



TWISTED PREY” by John Sandford . . . Federal marshal Lucas Davenport confronts an old nemesis in U.S. senator Taryn Grant, a rich psychopath who he has resolved to bring to justice for her role in three murders that he cannot prove. In memory of Darrell Thorne.

BARBED WIRE HEART” by Tess Sharpe . . . In upstate New York near the Canadian border, Harley McKenna has had to work for her North Country-criminal father since she was sixteen, and as she is trying to decide whether to stay in the family business or get out, her family's biggest rivals, the Springfields, come gunning for her.

THE ELIZAS” by Sara Shepard . . . Unable to convince anyone that she was pushed before she was rescued from the bottom of a hotel pool, a rising author struggling with depression and memory loss begins to question her sanity as elements from her debut novel mix up with events in her real life.

MIRAMAR BAY” by Davis Bunn . . . Setting aside his fiancâee and acting career to find himself in a small coastal Los Angeles community, Connor bonds with hardworking artist's daughter Sylvie, who captures his heart and inspires him to rethink his life choices.

THE FIGHTER” by Michael Farris Smith . . . His mind failing from the effects of decades of bare-knuckle fighting, his foster mother's family legacy in the hands of strangers, and overwhelmed with gambling debts, Jack's only chance at redemption is to step into the fighting pit one last time.

THE FIRST KISS OF SPRING” by Emily March . . . Caitlin Timberlake moves home to Eternity Springs to open a day care and be with Josh Tarkington, whom she is convinced is the one, but after a lifetime of bad luck and tragedy, he refuses to commit to anything more than a fling.

HOW TO BE SAFE” by Tom McAllister . . . When high school teacher Anna Crawford is suspended just before a shooting at her school, she is horrified to see that she is considered a suspect, and even though she is exonerated, her moment in the public eye draws judgment and scrutiny, as the community lapses into familiar reactions.

TRUE TO YOU” by Jennifer Ryan . . . Undercover DEA Special Agent Dawson King, to take down a ruthless drug dealer and put him behind bars, decides to get close to the killer’s beloved daughter Cara Potter, who is on the right side of the law, until he develops feelings for the irresistible coffee shop owner. 

GREAT AMERICAN OUTPOST” by Maya Rao . . . A journalist, in response to an ad that you could earn $17,000 a month in the Bakken Oilfield of North Dakota, sets out in steel-toed boots to chronicle the largest oil boom since the 1968 discovery of oil in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and introduces the colorful cast of characters she encountered who would do just about anything to cash in. In memory of Hank Freesemann.



WHERE IS THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER” by Dina Anastasio . . . Discover the history and culture of one of the most famous waterways in the world: the mighty Mississippi!

BEARS AND BLOSSOMS” by Shirley Parenteau . . . When Big Brown Bear and the four little bears notice that the trees are shimmering in the wind with spring blooms, they know just how to spend the day: a picnic!

HOW TO BE AN ELEPHANT” by Katherine Roy . . . Foraging for food and water and fighting off predators are only a few of the many skills that these African elephants must learn. Thankfully, they have a large familial network to teach them everything they need to know about how to be an elephant. 


NEW DVDs for your viewing enjoyment: I TONYA, THE SHAPE OF WATER, and THE LAST JEDI.