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Allison Public Library Notes 5/17

Butter the popcorn! We offer a large selection of movies.




THE FALLEN” by David Baldacci . . . Visiting a friend's family home in an economically troubled western Pennsylvania community, Amos Decker, a detective with an uncanny eidetic memory, spots suspicious lights and discovers two dead bodies with no clear indication of how either victim died before corrupt local authorities and other mysterious roadblocks challenge his investigation. 

VARINA” by Charles Frazier . . . Forced by limited prospects to marry much-older widower Jefferson Davis, teenaged Varina Howell finds her expectations as the wife of a Mississippi landowner upended by his appointment as the leader of the Confederacy, a situation that renders her and her children fugitives in a divided and increasingly hostile nation. 

OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES” by Abbi Waxman . . . When one of the other moms in Frances' neighborhood carpool has an affair, all four of the families are rocked to the core, leaving Frances navigating a morale minefield.

THEN SHE WAS GONE” by Lisa Jewell . . . Struggling to put her life back together a decade after her beloved teen daughter's disappearance, a divorced woman bonds with a charming single father whose young child eerily resembles the woman's own lost daughter.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” by Elizabeth Strout . . . Two sisters, one who trades self-respect for a wealthy husband and one who discovers a kindred spirit in the pages of a book, struggle with intimate human dramas at the sides of their community members and a returned Lucy Barton.

SHOT IN THE DARK” by Cleo Coyle . . . Setting a date for her wedding at the same time her ex and other locals begin arranging dates at her coffeehouse, Village Blend manager Clare Cosi is entangled in the untimely demise of a lothario associated with innumerable brokenhearted conquests.

WITH YOU ALWAYS” by Jody Hedlund . . . When an 1850s financial crisis leaves orphan Elise Neumann and her sisters destitute, Elise seizes their only hope: to find work out west through the Children's Aid Society and send money home. On the rails, she meets privileged Thornton Quincy, who suddenly must work for his inheritance. From different worlds, can these two help each other find their way?

MY DEAR HAMILTON” by Stephanie Dray . . . An epic retelling of the life of Eliza Hamilton describes her passionate dedication to America's independence, her unlikely marriage to penniless but brilliant officer Alexander Hamilton, and the turmoil and tragedies that challenged her legacy.

HOLIDAY IN THE HAMPTONS” by Sarah Morgan . . . Seeking to escape Seth, the ex-husband for whom she still has feelings, professional dog walker Felicity Knight heads off for a summer vacation in the Hamptons, unaware that Seth plans to follow her and prove their love for one another.



WORDS ON BATHROOM WALLS” by Julia Walton . . . Diagnosed with severe schizophrenia that causes him to see and hear people who are not there, Adam begins a drug trial to help him with his hallucinations at the same time he falls in love with an intelligent girl that he wants to prevent from discovering his secret. 

MAX AND BIRD” by Ed Vere . . . Max, a kitten, and Bird, a very young bird, want to be friends but Max also wants to eat Bird, so they strike a deal.

HONEY” by David Ezra Stein . . . A young bear wakes from hibernation craving honey, but soon recalls the many things he can enjoy while waiting for his favorite food to be ready.