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Allison Public Library Notes 3/29

Think Spring at the Allison Public Library!



THE HUSH” by John Hart . . . Ten years after the disappearance of his twin sister, an event that transformed his life and hometown, Johnny Merrimon struggles to avoid notoriety by moving into the wilderness, a decision that his longtime friend, Jack, fears is subjecting Johnny to malevolent forces.

“AS BRIGHT AS HEAVEN” by Susan Meissner . . . A tale set in 1918 Philadelphia during the Spanish flu epidemic traces the experiences of a family reeling from the losses of loved ones and changes in their adopted city, a situation that is further shaped by their decision to take in an orphaned infant.

“HOW TO STOP TIME” by Matt Haig . . . A man with a secret rare condition that has enabled him to survive for centuries moves to London to become a high-school history teacher and considers defying his protective guardians' rule against falling in love when he becomes entranced by a captivating colleague.

QUICK COOKING ANNUAL RECIPES 2018” by Taste of Home . . . Over 650 recipes and tips for today's busy families. There's always time to put scrumptious home-cooked meals on the table with Quick Cooking Recipes.

THE STORM KING” by Brendan Duffy . . . Haunted by dark secrets and a shattering graduation-night mystery, a young doctor returns to his isolated Adirondacks hometown, where the discovery of a body in the deep woods exposes long-kept secrets and forces the doctor to confront his past as a vigilante teen.

THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER” by Sara Blaedel . . . Receiving an unexpected inheritance from the father who abandoned her, forty-year-old widow Ilka Nichols Jenson impulsively travels from Copenhagen to her late father's mortuary in Wisconsin and begins to comb through his estate before stumbling on an unsolved murder.

WORDS FROM THE HEART” by Kathleen Fuller . . . When quirky Cevilla Schlabach asks her nephew Noah and single Ivy Yoder for help in cleaning out her attic, the two come across a packet of letters that document the story of two young people falling in love.

MAKE YOUR BED” by Admiral William H. McRaven . . . The former Navy SEAL, former JSOC commander and decorated Admiral at the head of the operation that took down Osama bin Laden shares uplifting life lessons and recommendations for changing the world for the better by taking small, motivational steps throughout the day.

LUCKIEST COWBOY OF ALL” by Carolyn Brown . . . Forced to move in with Jace Dawson, the father her little girl has never known, after her house burns down, Carlene Varner finds herself under the scrutiny of his family and the town as they try to figure out where to go from here.



HILO: THE BOY WHO CRASHED TO EARTH” by Judd Winick . . . When a mysterious boy from outer space crash lands on the Earth with no memory of his identity, D.J. and his friend Gina help the boy try to unlock the secrets of his past. 

PLEASE, NO MORE NUTS” by Jonathan Fenske . . . The irascible squirrels from We Need More Nuts! star in a next early reader that finds them overeating to the extent that they become thoroughly sick of their once-favorite food and look for someone to take their surplus nuts off their paws. 

LITTLE BLUE TRUCK'S SPRINGTIME” by Alice Schertle . . . Celebrate the beauty of springtime with Little Blue Truck! Young fans will love finding all sorts of baby animals beneath the flaps in this delightful novelty board book. Beep! Beep! Peep!

THE VERY VERY VERY LONG DOG” by Julia Patton . . . Bartelby, a very long sausage dog, causes chaos when walking with his friends until they find a way for him to keep track of his bottom.


NEW DVDs for your viewing enjoyment: THE STRAY, COCO, and ONLY THE BRAVE.