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Allison Public Library Notes 11/02

When the cold wind blows, curl up with a good book!



ORIGIN” by Dan Brown . . . After an event at which futurist Edmond Kirsch is to announce a groundbreaking discovery erupts into chaos, Robert Langdon rushes to Barcelona to locate a cryptic password that will reveal Kirsch's secret before it is lost forever. Given in memory of Kirk Hummel.

FAIRYTALE” by Danielle Steel . . . When her life on her family's vineyard is shattered by her mother's death, Camille finds herself at the mercy of a cold-hearted stepfamily at the same time she bonds with her stepmother's mother and a friend from her childhood.

KEEP HER SAFE” by Sophie Hannah . . . A British woman's holiday at an Arizona resort transforms into a dark, obsessive quest for the truth when she becomes convinced that another guest is the woman who disappeared in a sensational headline case years earlier.

THE RULES OF MAGIC” by Alice Hoffman . . . A prequel to the best-selling Practical Magic traces the story of the children of Susanna Owens, who, in spite of their mother's fierce edicts against witchcraft, develop powerful abilities while struggling to escape the family curse that leads to tragedy if they fall in love.

THE WRITING DESK” by Rachel Hauck . . . Two authors born a century apart create stories at the same writing desk. They are from two very different worlds, but fate has bound them together in a way time cannot erase.

LAST CHRISTMAS IN PARIS” by Hazel Gaynor . . . After seeing her brother and his best friend off to the front in August 1914, a privileged young lady, Evie Elliott, tries to become more involved in the conflict and begins working at her father’s newspaper business.

WHAT I FOUND IN A THOUSAND TOWNS” by Dar Williams . . . The singer songwriter and activist discusses her view on America's small towns, drawing on her own experiences from touring as a musician, as well as on the work of urban theorists and locals to determine why some small towns thrive while others fail.

FALLEN LAND” by Taylor Brown . . .  In the final year of the Civil War, a young couple on horseback flees a dangerous band of marauders who seek a bounty reward. Callum, a seasoned horse thief at fifteen years old, came to America from his native Ireland as an orphan. Ava, her father and brother lost to the war, hides in her crumbling home until Callum determines to rescue her from the bands of hungry soldiers pillaging the land, leaving destruction in their wake. In memory of Bob Roelf.

SUGAR PINE TRAIL” by RaeAnne Thayne . . . After she agrees to care for her two younger brothers during Christmas, librarian Julia Winston accepts the help of her neighbor, military pilot Jamie Caine, a man she thinks is not her type, until she discovers a side of Jamie she never expected.



ORPHAN ISLAND” by Laurel Snyder . . . On an island where one child is delivered each year while the eldest is taken away, nine children live under the leadership of new elder Jinny, who trains the latest newcomer and wonders what will happen when her own departure occurs.

HOW TO CATCH A MONSTER” by Adam Wallace . . . After being cast as the Ninja Master in his school's Halloween play, a boy decides it is time to catch the monster in his closet.

BEARS IN THE SNOW” by Shirley Parenteau . . . The little bears are ready to play in the snow. But — oh, no! Their sled is too small! It’s not as much fun to go sledding only two at a time, but what can they use to carry them all? Luckily, Big Brown Bear has an idea — and it starts with a belly flop!

MR. WILLOWBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE” by Robert Barry . . . Christmas is here and Mr. Willowby's tree has arrived! There's just one big problem . . . the tree is too tall to fit in his parlor. He cuts off the top so it will fit, but little does he know that the top of that tree will travel clear across the countryside, bringing holiday cheer to the homes of bears, rabbits, mice, and more!