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Allison Public Library Notes 1/04

Begin your New Year at the Allison Public Library!



THE PEOPLE VS. ALEX CROSS” by James Patterson . . . Charged with gunning down followers of his nemesis Gary Soneji in cold blood, Alex Cross is wrongly portrayed as a trigger-happy corrupt cop while he struggles to prove to a skeptical jury and dwindling supporters that his actions were in self defense.

THE WHISPERING ROOM” by Dean Koontz . . . Her husband dead and her son in hiding, rogue FBI agent Jane Hawk finds a connection between a schoolteacher's murderous, and ultimately suicidal, rampage; the teacher's secret journal; and a cabal of power players bent on controlling America.

SECRETS OF CAVENDON” by Barbara Taylor Bradford . . . In the summer of 1949, a new generation running Cavendon Hall is torn by scandal, intrigue, and romantic betrayals that force the Inghams and Swanns to protect each other from unimaginable threats.

THE FAMILY WAY” by Rhys Bowen . . . Feeling restless and confined by her pregnancy, Molly is sent to her mother's for the summer by new husband Daniel, who refuses to let her investigate a disturbing string of baby kidnappings.

VOYAGER” by Diana Gabaldon . . . Time-travelling Claire Randall returns to her own time, pregnant and weary, and resumes her life, but her memories of her eighteenth-century Scottish lover Jamie Fraser will not die, leading her to a desperate decision to return to him.

DESTINY, TEXAS” by Brett Cogburn . . . After the Civil War, Argyle Dollarhyde, refusing to fall prey to carpetbaggers, moves his family to Texas where—in a dangerous land rife with wagon trails, natives and oil fields—they can live free and carve out their future on the American frontier. In fond memory of Bob Roelf.

IN THIS MOMENT” by Karen Kingsbury . . . Risking his job by organizing an after-school bible-study program to combat local crime and gang activity, Indiana high school principal Wendell Quinn is delighted by the program's positive results, until a complaint renders him the subject of media speculation and a controversial lawsuit. 

MEMBER OF THE FAMILY” by Dianne Lake . . . An inside account by the youngest member of Charles Manson's cult describes her involuntary indoctrination by her parents at age 14 and the manipulation, psychological control and physical abuse that she endured before she was rescued and adopted by the police officer who arrested her. 

THE RADCLIFFES” by T.J. Kline . . . This trio of romances, starring the unforgettable Radcliffe family, follows Gabriel Radcliffe as he falls in love with the florist who is arranging the flowers for his wedding, Fallon Radcliffe as she realizes that her new horse trainer is the perfect man for her and Alexandra Radcliffe as she sets her sights on a sexy chef. 



THE ORPHAN TRAIN GIRL” by Christina Baker Kline . . . Presents a young reader's version of a story in which Molly, close to aging out of the foster care system, takes a position helping an elderly woman named Vivian and discovers that they are more alike than different as she helps Vivian solve a mystery from her past. In memory of Marilee Reiher.

LOVE THE WORLD” by Todd Parr . . . Whether looking at one's own nose and toes, helping others, or exploring the world, there is always something to love.

I'M TRYING TO LOVE SPIDERS” by Bethany Barton . . . Told from the perspective of a narrator with arachnophobia, an introduction to the world of spiders describes the amazing abilities that let them walk up walls and eat more than a dog's weight in bugs.