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Allison Public Library Notes 10/05

Cozy up with a mug of spiced cider and a good read.



A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE” by Shari Lapena . . . Responding to a call she hoped she would never get, a woman braces herself for the worst in a bad part of town and wakes up with no memory of what happened at the same time the police and her husband accuse her of misconduct. 

LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE” by Celeste Ng . . . Fighting an ugly custody battle with an artistic tenant who has little regard for the strict rules of their progressive Cleveland suburb, a straitlaced family woman who is seeking to adopt a baby becomes obsessed with exposing the tenant's past, only to trigger devastating consequences for both of their families.

SOMETHING LIKE HAPPY” by Eva Woods . . . Thirty-five-year-old Annie Hebden is stuck in a rut until her bubbly new friend, Polly Leonard, challenges her to try a new way to be happy each day for one hundred days.

THE NAMES OF DEAD GIRLS” by Eric Rickstad . . . After the murder of her parents, Rachel Rath was adopted by her detective uncle, but when local girls begin to vanish and Rachel finds herself stalked by her parents' newly freed killer, she teams up with her uncle to tie the present crimes to the past.

KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING” by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles . . . The war was not 'over by Christmas' after all and as 1915 begins, the Hunters, their servants and their neighbors soon realize that war is not just for the soldiers, but it's for everyone to win, and every new atrocity that is reported bolsters British determination: this is a war that must be won at all costs.

THE RETURN” by Suzanne Woods Fisher . . . Separated from her pious but rigid family in the wake of a raid, an Amish settler finds love with a Native American man who encourages her to express her faith in different ways, while the man who once courted her finds comfort with another woman.

THE HOURS COUNT” by Jillian Cantor . . . A tale based on the story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the only Americans put to death for espionage during the Cold War, traces the experiences of their friend and neighbor, who takes in the couple's young sons when they are arrested by the FBI in 1950.

LIE DOWN IN ROSES” by Heather Graham . . . Willing to marry her despised enemy to save the castle at Edenby, Lady Genevieve agrees to wed Lord Tristan, and despite their opposing sides in the War of the Roses, the two find themselves in love.

FAMILY ROAD TRIPS” by Reminisce . . . Take a nostalgic tour down memory lane with more than 400 memorable firsthand accounts and personal snapshots that document an array of wild, wack, hilarious and heartwarming vacation stories from the folks who experienced them.



QUICKSAND POND” by Janet Taylor Lisle . . . Spending a pivotal summer near a teeming pond where people are rumored to disappear, a girl from a dysfunctional family and a girl enduring a reluctant visit become fast friends before uncovering a decades-old secret that reverberates throughout the town.

ANTOINETTE” by Kelly DiPucchio . . . Wondering what makes her special, Antoinette the poodle gets a chance to discover what she's good at when a puppy goes missing. In memory of Marilee Reiher.

10 LITTLE NINJAS” by Miranda Paul . . . A bedtime counting story about 10 little sneaky ninjas who are not ready to go to sleep finds them sliding, swinging and slipping out of bed until their tired daddy enlists the sensei's help to make sure they are tucked in for the night.

SHEEP TRICK OR TREAT” by Nancy Shaw . . . What will happen when the sheep go trick-or-treating? Could there be wolves lurking in the woods, hoping to waylay them as they return home with their bags full of goodies?